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"There are few artists in this world who have the passion and spirit that Greta exhibits.
Every note, every phrase, ever nuance is performed with emotion and musical artistry. Greta is as confident on stage as she is in the voice class.
Again, a beautiful strength is her ability to share her musical experience and her techniques."

— Frank DeMiero
Conductor / Artistic Director
DeMiero Jazz Fest

Lessons $70/hour or Package of 4 lessons for $240. ($40 savings)
I teach from my home in West Seattle. All levels. Men and women ages 12 and up. We work on repertoire, phrasing, scat, rhythm and improvisation as well as the proper vocal techniques of breathing, support and range. I help students develop a practice routine that is fun, builds strength and produces results. Many of my students have gone on to work locally and many have won awards at various vocal competitions.


Private lessons may be scheduled with me directly by contacting me at You are encouraged to join my student- base mailing list to receive my monthly newsletter with available lesson times, upcoming clinics and performances.

We work using the jazz standards from the Great American Songbook (see list for ideas). These songs can be modified to each student's key and tempo and stlyle preference. I also have the digital technology to remove the vocals from some existing commercial cd's to make custom rehearsal cd's.

Practice Notes:

Using my unique 6 tiered practice technique, I will help you understand how to organize your practice time and see real progress.

Clinic Topics covered in private lessons:

If you've been to my clinic's before you know that topics covered can range from singing the blues to stylizing ballads. These and many others from my Clinics page can be requested as subjects of focus in your private lessons.

Also, for those singers wishing to pursue a career in music I share vocational advice from my experience in many areas of the music business: getting gigs, private parties, night clubs, recording demos, advertising work, etc.]




I am offering something new!
If for various reasons it is hard to get in and see me for a private lesson we can still keep you on track. I am offering to give constructive critique, feedback and and useful suggestions for you and help you with your songs.
Simply record yourself singing along with an accompaniment track and send it to me. I will listen and record my input and send this information back to you. $15 per song!!
You may use this service to:
Double check accuracy of melody as you're learning a tune.
Double check accuracy of rhythmic treatment of the melody as you're learning a tune.
You can sing the original melody and then do a second time through with some efforts at improvisation/stylization and let me comment.
Let me help you with register break issues, breathing choices, and general vocal health topics.

No special skills required, simply use your smart phone recorder or any easy portable recording system you can operate.
Recording yourself and sending tracks like this will also serve to help you learn how to use your recording equipment, and best of all learn how to listen to your self!!! Try it today:)




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