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The Jazz Singer Workshop Series


Three-week workshop/ performance at Tula's.

"Let me make a better Jazz Singer out of you!!"
Jazz vocal Improv/phrasing and general vocal conditioning workshop with final performance at Tula's with my band
(Limit 8 students per month!)

A three-week workshop covering stylizing/phrasing and improvisation skills to keep your repertoire fresh and inventive!
Each three-hour group session includes work on 5 tunes for each student from their repertoire.
We will try techniques to help you find new ways of treating melody and playing with rhythmic phrasing. You'll be using rhythmic and harmonic exercises to learn to sing your songs in refreshingly new ways.
Exercises include:
Harmonic exercises you can do over the chords for help you hear potential new melodies.
Rhythmic exercises that will help you learn to liberate the lyrics for a more loosely beautiful freedom of phrasing.

You'll learn to importance of using a metronome!
Dynamics and Attack demonstrations. These exercises help create interest and that indefinable something that makes audiences really sit up and listen!
Scat: If you are interested in scat, I will include examples of this as well.
Vocal tracing: We will also borrow from my successful boot camp series of vocal conditioning and study the phrasing of some of the great jazz singers.
Each session includes a demonstration my regular vocal "aerobic" workout!
"this is the warm up routine I've used for years and that I use to prepare for recording and performing all over the world!!"
You will gain strength, flexibility, breath control both in body and voice. Plus you will experience the stylistic treatments of the masters of Classic jazz singing:
Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Streisand, Blossom Dearie and Peggy Lee as well as others.
This 3-week workshop is a total of 9 hours of instruction, offered at $250..
Contact me, for dates.

 Greta dismantled the process of scat singing. It was like she took an engine apart on the kitchen table, showed us all the pieces and what they do and then explained how they all function together. Her next step was to have us work on the parts individually before putting them back together again and blasting off on our own scat solos. On top of all this, Greta also provided support materials (CD’s, charts, etc.) that we could take home to practice with.

For my money, I couldn’t have asked for a better workshop. I learned a lot and I had a ton of fun. I love scat singing but have always been hungry for ways to improve. Greta definitely delivered.


Rhythm Section Performance Workshop Series
(How to work with a LIVE band!) Our most popular workshop!

How do I learn the same “language” as the musicians. What order are the solos? How do I count-off the entire band? Where do I look? Who’s in charge? How can I truly make music with a whole trio? Singing with a trio can be thrilling, but it’s daunting too. If these questions resonate with you, come to our rythmn section workshop and get ready to move to the next level.
This workshop is a rare opportunity for singers to work with one of the top rhythm sections in the Northwest jazz scene. Each series includes 3, half-hour sessions with piano, bass and drums and myself. The students will work up 4 songs for the performance. We work on communication with the instrumentalists, song form, solos, arrangements, mic technique and stage presence. Students are encouraged to stay as long as they like and watch the other participants. Each 3 week session ends with a performance at Seattle's premiere jazz club, Tula's, where singers have the option of recording themselves or showcasing for gigs...and of course inviting their friends and family to see them!!


Please inquire. 206 941-2770

Other rhythm section workshops

Double workshops

I'm also offering a "double" workshop! This allows you to perform 8 songs at Tula's. You'd have 3, 1-hour rehearsals with the band and myself. You can ask to make any month a "DOUBLE". The cost is $500 and subject to space availability.

Instrumental students

Although the workshops were started primarily as a forum for vocal students, we have recently had pianists, saxophonists, guitarists and a violinist take the workshop as well.

The band will offer to share the wisdom they have to budding instrumentalists who join us and wish to work on their comping, soloing and improvisation skills. They may also wish to augment their time in the workshop with some private lessons with the bandmember of their choice. 


Greta's "Drop in" Rehearsal Sessions



Do you wish you had a great band locked up in your basement that you could drag out to play with anytime you like? :)
Well, I'm about to offer the next best thing!
My great band is going to be available to YOU twice a month!
In MY living room, all yours to play with and:
Practice new material!
Prep for going to a jam session!
Learn how intros, endings and solo sections will sound on stage!
Prep audition material!
Prep for an upcoming workshop with me!
Get coaching from me about how to communicate with musicians!
Get to know the musicians that host North City Bistro's jam session, so YOU can feel comfortable at jam sessions!

NOTE: this is different from the rhythm section workshop in that there's no performance included and will be no drummer. But its a less expensive way to get some practicing done with pros!

Here's how it works:
I will offer 2 Tuesday evenings per month.
You may reserve a 1/2 hour with them for $60 or an hour for $120
This is perfect for my singers who have not been able to do a workshop with me and need a little encouragement to get out there and try singing in public!

Sing with a Big Band!

Yes, you heard me right! I have finally managed to come up with a big band performance workshop! And boy is it gonna be fun!
Here’s the deal, starting in 2015 I will schedule approx 3 performances a year at Tula’s with our 10-piece band and YOU can be ready to sing 3 charts with them! Our first showcase will be in late March but you can start getting ready NOW.
The workshop/performance offer:
Choose and prepare 3 songs from my list of available big band charts.
(Choose from arrangements written for Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Sarah Vaughn and others!
I will provide you with additional accompaniment tracks to practice with.
Offer includes one 1/2 hour rehearsal with the big band and a performance at Tula’s. $275
Reserve your spot in any of the upcoming performances in 2015 by scheduling with me.
(Offer does not include private coaching sessions with me)



Recording Workshop:

Level 1 (Laying vocals over a bed-track)

Level 2 (Laying live tracks down with band)

Guidance in the recording studio. Learn how to be efficiant and professional in the studio with guidance from a seasoned pro.

SIDE-NOTE: Thinking of recording a demo? or cd? I am available to work as your producer!  contact me for rates and a full discussion about your project!


Getting Ready for the Gig

Hey Singers, Want to sse what it's like to perform an evening of jazz with a great trio backing you and deliver 10 tunes ?

(50 min. set)!!!
I can offer you that chance to 3 singers! with my new workshop: "GETTING READY FOR THE GIG"
I will help you prepare your set, guide you through 3, one hour reheasals with the band coach you through the realities of self promotion! (You will be asked to get at least 10 people to make reservations to see you!)
Private lessons may be booked seperately to prepare.
$500 Gets you an hour set at Tula's Jazz Club and Restaurant

4 day Vocal intensive Workshop!

4 consecutive days of work with Greta and her band preparing for a performance at Tula's.

This workshop is especially useful for singers outside the Seattle area who wish to work with Greta and perform!

Day one: 3 hour session with Greta discussing material, choosing songs, keys, getting accompaniment tracks to practice.

Day 2 : Greta using more of her unique improv techniques and sylizing concepts. Discuss good vocal mechanics and long term vocal regimines' to stay in shape! Discussing arrangement ideas for your set of 5 tunes.

Day 3 : 3 hours of rehearsal with Greta's Trio

Day 4: Performance of up to 5 tunes at Tula's Jazz Club.

Offered periodically $300


Scat / Improvisation Workshop Series

I have developed a scat/improv workshop and I want you to be the first to know about it!
Here's how it works:
A  3 week workshop at my house, usually Tuesday evenings for 1 and 1/2 hours and a performance at Tula's at the end of the month. Limited to 6 students!!!
We will cover scat using approx 10 songs:
Major tunes like Bye Bye Blackbird and Let's fall in love
Minor tunes like Summertime, Lullaby of Birdland
Uptempo swing like I Got Rhythmn

"I loved this workshop!

The progress I made was tremendous because for one month I solely focused on mastering Greta's step by step approach to scat improv. The workshop was extremely well conceived and conducted: the volume of input was quadrupled with all the different issues each of us brought up. It was great fun and I cannot wait for Scat Improv II"


Blues at various tempos
Slow swing, like Just Squeeze Me, Alone Together
Waltz : Moon River, Bluesette
Latin, One Note Samba, Meditation
Each Tuesday I will work with you individually,
paired off, as well as in a group. We will cover harmonic improvisation, arrpegiation, rythmic patterns, syllable choices, melodic ideas, theme and variation, song structure
(ways to keep track of where you are!!)
Each of you will also be asked to learn a section of an
existing scat solo.
Utimately you will perform 3-4 songs you've been practicing
and are encouraged to have scatting duets at Tula's.
The workshop will be accompanied by my CD catalog and digital system (providing keys changes and the opportunity to learn to scat these songs in multiple keys!)
The performance at Tula's will be accompanied by my band (Darin, Clip and Mark).
The cost is $200 plus an optional rehearsal with the band for an addtional $60.

Various Stylistic Treatments Lessons $60

Have you been getting bored with your repertoire, or need some fresh ideas to perk up your performances?
I suggest you explore the ways a stylistic treatment choice can make the difference.
Many jazz standards can be sung in a variety of styles: Ballads can swing, Swing tunes can be played as a latin, many tunes can come up to date with a pop treatment.
Using new technology I can show you a variety of new ways to sing your favorite songs.
Try " Mean to me" as a cha cha
Or "What a difference a day makes" with a contemporary pop groove
"Every time we say goodbye" with a gypsy jazz swing
many many more options.....

Here's how this lesson works. Schedule an hour lesson with me. Email me a list of some of your favorite standards and the keys (if you know them) And I will prep for you four or 5 of them with different stylistic grooves and work with you on how to adapt to these new treatments to your voice. I will make a cd for you to continue your development of the tune.

Greta Matassa's Vocal Boot Camp

"Thank youuuu.That was so great. I'm guessing you're going to have continued success with this class. You have a gift for breaking down the learning/ understanding process
of this art.

This would be a great precursor to the rhythm section workshop, as it focuses on understanding the songs in terms of comping and song structure.
Nice class size too."


Vocal "tracing" workout
(limit 6 students per session)
4 weeks, $120
Join me on my regular vocal "aerobic" workout!
"this is the warm up routine I've used for years and that I use to prepare for recording and performing all over the world!!"
You will gain strength, flexibility, breath control both in body and voice. Plus you will experience the stylistic treatments of the masters of classic jazz singing:
Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Streisand, Blossom Dearie and Peggy Lee as well as others.

You've heard me say that I learned to sing by singing along with these great artists, well now is the time to join me and let them make a stronger singer out of you too. By vocally "tracing" or copying their every phrase and will gain insights into their artistry and learn about the physical control your instrument.

Each week we will learn 3 new songs and by the final week we'll have studied 12 great jazz recordings!

Each 1 1/2-hour workout includes 15 minutes of warm up scales and breath control and diaphram exersises, with guidance by me.
A 45-minute group singalong with recording of singers like Frank, Ella and Barbra while dancing and moving in time with the me and the recordings. There will be some light aerobic "dance" moves to help you understand how to sing in rhythm. (great for breath control.)

Best of all we will each get a chance to "step into their shoes" as it were by singing lead over the original recording. (I can eliminate the vocal track and YOU can sing with Basie, Nelson Riddle or any of the other great arrangers of the era! (it's really fun!)

Followed by a 1/2hour at Alki Beach!! ( weather permiting) We each take our iPod's, cd players, etc., and walk along the beach while singing "quietly" along with your "guide recording" (Blossom Dearie, Peggy Lee and/or Shirley Horn) to learn the art of singing softly with distinction and a breath control-friendly falsetto.
This is info about "conditioning" that I often share with private students but have never before offered to walk you though it.
This offer is for serious singers that want to commit to a definite improvement of their voice and study the masters of American song.




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