Opening Act mentorship program:
I am starting a new tradition with my group, The Greta Matassa Quintet.

As we will be playing new area venues, to new audiences and building jazz community in the process, I want to reach out to ONE of my own promising students or fellow pros and, at each gig/performance or concert ask that they be my “Opening Act”!

This will be an invitational opportunity and does NOT cost them anything.

I will ask different students to participate at each of my upcoming shows and help them prepare a 3 song opening act with my players. I will reach out to them in advance of the show by at least a week, so that they may take advantage of some rehearsal time if I can offer it, and have time to invite some fans, friends, family etc.

Qualities I will be looking for in Opening Act artists include: a serious work ethic, balanced with a healthy sense of humor. A burgeoning talent and genuine interest in improving. A fearless disposition and willingness to try new things. And perhaps most important a sense of community and support in the jazz world, The singer that comes to fellow student singers gigs and offers encouragement is a special person!

The benefits as I see it are placing upcoming singers on a professional stage in front of a discerning audience. (They are of course welcome in invite some of their own fans, friends, family etc.) These singers will NOT pay the cover.

They will be “introduced” to the venue, manager, booker etc.

They will be able to watch as we set up sound gear and learn about it. Watch and participate in a sound check.

Learn from watching my group in action, learn about self promotion, social media, press calendars and other opportunities of that nature. Their name will be included in the PR info. gaining exposure in the professional world.

I am very excited about this, and so I hope are YOU!

My fans will welcome YOU and I am looking forward to featuring YOU.

IN 2024, I’ll be expanding the Opening Act program to include opportunities for students to prepare and perform a full 10 song set !! To be performed at Egan’s Ballard Jam House in the 7-8:30 show prior to my 9pm shows! This is an invitational opportunity offered periodically and I look forward to working with students preparing for something like this !