Workshops, Clinics and Rehearsals

Rhythm Section Performance Workshop Series
(How to work with a LIVE band!) Our most popular workshop!

How do I learn the same “language” as the musicians. What order are the solos? How do I count-off the entire band? Where do I look? Who’s in charge? How can I truly make music with a whole trio? Singing with a jazz band can be thrilling, but it’s daunting too. If these questions resonate with you, come to our rythmn section workshop and get ready to move to the next level.

This workshop is a rare opportunity for singers to work with one of the top rhythm sections in the Northwest jazz scene. Each series includes 3, half-hour sessions with piano or guitar, bass, drums and sax and myself as your personal coach. The students will work up 3 songs for the performance. We work on communication with the instrumentalists, song form, solos, arrangements, mic technique and stage presence.  Each 3 week session ends with a performance at local Jazz club/venue. You are encouraged to invite your friends and family to see YOU! $335

Please inquire. 206 941-2770 email hidden; JavaScript is required

Fall Workshop:
Sing with Jazz Trio (TBA whether piano or guitar group)
Rehearsals Sept 25th, Oct 9th, 16th, show Oct 20th  North City Bistro
3 rehearsals/3 songs/30 min/$335

Winter Workshop:
Sing with Jazz Trio (TBA whether piano or guitar group)
Nov 27th, Dec 4th, 11th show Dec 15th  North City Bistro
3 rehearsals/3 songs/30 min/$335

NEW Student ZOOM/LIVESTREAM concerts with live jazz group! 
Sing with my band and livestream on Facebook and Zoom for your fans!
Offered periodically. please inquire.

Greta’s “Drop in” Rehearsal Sessions

Do you wish you had a great band locked up in your basement that you could drag out to play with anytime you like? 🙂

NOTE: this is different from the rhythm section workshop in that there’s no performance included and will be no drummer. But its a less expensive way to get some practicing done with pros!.

You may reserve a 1/2 hour with us for $80 or an hour for $160

This is perfect for my singers who have not been able to do a workshop with me and need a little encouragement to get out there and try singing in public! Offered monthly, please inquire

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(If you don’t live in the Seattle area, contact me and we can arrange the studio session when you can make a trip here!)
Interested in knowing more about how professional singers record?
Record your vocals at David Lange Recording Studio with Greta Matassa as your producer!
One jazz song of your choice prepared and track recorded in advance by Brian Monroney guitar and Clipper Anderson bass.
You will then coordinate with Greta and the studio to have an hour of recording experience at the studio in Fife Wa.
(Dates will be booked working around YOUR availability.)
One singer in the studio with Greta and David (studio engineer) at a time for safety.
David Lange studio is where I have recorded 9 CD’S! They do wonderful work!
Greta’s experience and tips on what to be prepared for, and how to bring your best performance, quickly and efficiently into the studio are invaluable!
The issues covered in this workshop will ultimately save you time, money and much stress when you do, at some point, start your own studio project.
“After many years of working as a pro session singer and with 10 CD’S under my belt, I learned a lot about the studio experience and created this workshop to cover many of the things you DON’T want to find out you don’t know when YOU are paying for studio time!!”
You will have an hour in the studio with Greta as your producer:
Understanding how studio multi-tracking works: basic tracks, over dubbing, scratch vocals, punching in, auto-tune and protools options to correct little timing errors.
How to finesse matching your own sound when punching in a correction.
Getting a good headphone mix and how to ask for what you need. (You will sing best when you like what you hear!)
Getting used to singing with headphones on at ALL!
Getting used to singing w/out holding a mic.
How to sing with dynamics in a studio situation.
How to be your own “producer” and have a clear vision of what your expectations are.
Understanding how editing the “best of “ several takes works.
The value of having another “set of ears” to advise when you can no longer “hear” what’s a good take anymore! This can be an invaluable help when trying to decide whether a “take” is good and move on etc.
**NOTE : Price does not include final edited, tuned and mixed song, but this can be arranged with the studio at $40/hour rate.
**Note: the final product will be yours to use for demo, social media and websites. Not for commercial sale
Contact me for details and to reserve a spot!
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